Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy 100th!

Tonight we went to my great grandmas 100th Birthday party! I am so blessed to have her in my life and she is still so blessed to be in the health she is in. It was nice to see eveyone, but there is so much of our family I dont know. Drama queen wanted to get mamlene a tiara or paperdolls. We got her a tiara, i dont know where to find paper dolls anymore! She looked so pretty! It was nice to get all the pictures together. Im glad we got a group shot, but was upset my aunt and uncle left before it, but thank god for photoshop! All in all it was a great night, and the staff at "spin-a-yarn" were great. It was a little bittersweet without dad, I looked at the head table and noticed, my mamalene was up there without papa pipe, grandma was up there without papa, aunt bev without billy and then I looked at mom without dad, so sad...then i looked again at mamalene. 100 years and all shes seen, where shes been, whos shes lost, and still happy as can be. maybe that is somewhat of a fountian of youth, even though all the misfortune you need to look at what you have....and smile....


okay so i havent been on in a long time but so much has gone on. Lets see, took kids to globetrotters, drama queen was in and out of er for like 3 days, she caught the stomach flu and it was followed by dehydrartion.(spelling again, I know) umm school started, i dropped a class already. I was scared that if I went through with the gastric bypass, I would miss too much and I didnt want to do it half assed. I went to the appoitment, the gastric bypass class. they tell you all the ins and outs that your doctor doesnt. It was kinda scary and made me really think twice about it. my stomach will stay the size of a egg for the rest of my life. I will be able to only eat 1 cup of food a day. Oh and heres the thing that totally scared me away no sour cream and no wine FOREVER! I wanted to pack it up and walk out of the class right away! NO WINE!!! Oh my god! But this girl in the class had told me she used alli and it helped her drop 80lbs. I am really going to look into it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

free friday night on the town!

okay so this has been what seems to be like the longest weekend of my life!
my mother is a huge willie nelson fan. she used to beg my dad to take her, he always seemed to have a concert around thier aniversary, only one time i recalled he took her, right before thier 25th ( i will always remember the party i threw for my brother that weekend) so i remembered my mom saying something about willie not to long after dad died. so right before christmas i won willie nelson tickets on the radio. so of course i had to take mom. even though our relationship has been touch and go lately. so everything was going fine. we took her rental car (since hers was hit not too long ago) crossed the bridge in carpool (free) and then parked at nearby shopping center (free parking) and then picked up our tickets at the box office (free again) then we went in second row seats, how great was the night going, then when the show was over mom made the comment on how happy she was the night had cost her nothing. I joked well lets hope the cars still there, BIG MISTAKE. the car was gone. towed. she broke down (again) and i had to pick her up and convince some girls to give up thier cab (20.00) and go get our car out of impound (370.00) and then around 1am we drove threw mcdonalds for a happy meal (4.00) so that was our free night out on the town!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Always wear clean underwear!

Okay, so I'm falling off the blog wagon, but there is so much going on now! Monday I took the kids in for thier yearly physical, it was a long long day, my daughters appt was at 11 and my sons at 2pm. So it was like lets go to the park, have lunch, and try to keep a 9 year old clean enough for his doctor, just to kill time. So everything was strangley going great. Kids were in good behavior, first appt went good, and then lunch was okay, and he kept clean, and then it happened. When we left him alone in the room to change into the paper gown, he calls me and says" Hey mom I forgot to wear underwear" I couldnt believe it! I didnt know if I should laugh or cry. He explained that he was just to involved in something else this morning, to put on underwear. It was the most embarassign thing for myself, and he was so cool about it. Like he forgot to turn off a light or somethng! I was stunned! So now I know when things are too going to perfect, there's always a problem that lies underneath....

Friday, January 9, 2009


Wow, so I thought this was something I was gonna do everyday and sometimes twice a day, but I guess I lost the stamina (spelling again) somewhere. Lets see since I last blogged, that sounds so funny, anyways since I last blogged, I had went in for a routine physical. I told my doctor I was in somewhat of a state of panic about my weight, but aren't we all in January? Well anyways she refered me to a consoltation for gastric bypass! Wow I didnt think I was in that bad condition! But if it helps it helps! Wow just so suprised.Anyways we will see what happens with that! I try not to think about it too much, but IMAGINE THE SHOPPING!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jan. 7 continued.

I have a few things to "whine" about already tonight. First, I went to the laundry mat with "mimi" and took both the kids. She could have done laundry at mom's but any excuse to leave the bat cave is worth it. Kid's were totally wild! I was so embarassed! And there were all these young single guys there doing laundry, I knew she wishes she was there alone! Anyways, I been listening to alot of talk radio lately, I guess thats what you're supposed to do when you're 30. There has been alot of talk about Israel and all, and they so this "Joe the plumber" has flown to Israel to cover the hostility for some online internet news. Okay so how to I become instantly famous like this guy. He isn't a licensed plumber and he's not a reporter so how the hell does he get the a job like that and I can't find work for this long! I wish I would have pushed my way through a crowd and spoke to a politician on camera about something I know absolutely nothing about and become instantly famous! I blame McCain, for his party probably was in desperate search for "real" americans, and ran into this bozzo! I love to rant and rave! Okay something else to WHINE about! This Bart officer shooting. I have been going through so many emotions about this. First I thought this guy Oscar Grant was probably being unrully, and all his friends jumped to conclusions. My friend told me he was on a train behind them and that he (my friend) was on a train that had been "smoked out" (everyone was smoking marajuana) I had also heard there was a knife fight and that Bart police were having too many issues with unrully take over passangers. Then I saw the video. This officer was clearly out of line. He just shot him in the back, he did have his hands tied to his back and was not a safety threat. But then today after they laid Oscar to "rest" a day for his family and friends to grieve and reflect on his life, people took to the streets in protest. Shutting down Bart stations, and lighting dumpsters on fire,closing intersections, and laying down in the street. Police had to be called out in riot gear. What type of message does this send to the public? These 20 something year old men in oakland are out causing trouble, to say that the police did wrong. We all know they did, but acting a fool doesnt bring your friend back, insure a guilty plea for the officer, or stop it from happening again. These guys yelling at the riot cops, "shoot me, shoot me" that just makes you look ignorant. The best way to honor your friend and take action and be there for the family and work with investigators to get things taken care of for the family in order to mourn, and adjust to a new life without thier loved one. And one more quick "whine" to the media, I heard a reporter say that everyone's anger is fueled by watching the video over and over again.Well stop playing the damn thing! The mother should make a public announcement asking all media to refrain from playing it, no mother should have to endure witness to this time and time again.

2009! Bring on the wine!

Okay, so 2008 really really sucked! I had lost two jobs, had a very very bad relationship with a really retarded guy, and my dad passed away suddenly due to a heart attack. So when new years came, I wanted to be the guy who pushes down the lever with the hard hat and everything to demo 2008! So here we are 7 days into 2009 and last night on top of everything I found out I'm pre-diabetic! Sucks huh. So I decided to take charge of my life and really live up to my words and make 2009 the year of change. I chose to start this blog as a way to not only document my (hopeful) achievements but to have some sort of audience to intimidate me to get an the ball and follow through with what I say I am going to do. Okay so to get the ball rolling, I am gonna do something I have never done. I am going to announce my weight. No, not right now, but at the end of this year long journey. New Years Eve 2009 I will tell everyone what I weigh now, and what I weigh then. So I need lots of support and intimidation! Oh yeah and this blog is called please pass the wine, not only for my love of the grape juice, but all the whining (please forgive my spelling) that i will be doing! Lol. Okay, maybe I should tell you a little about myself before I go. I just turned 30, I'm a single mom of two, my son "BUBBA" is 9 and my daughter "SPOILED DRAMA QUEEN" is 7. Im sure you will hear lots of "whining" about and from them. Right now I'm not working, I have been a recruiter for staffing agencys for like the past 5 years, but due to the economy I've been out of work for like 6 months. But I'm going back to school and hope to work towards a business degree. Maybe when things pick back up (YEAH OBAMA) I'll land a good job and things will be more stable for us. My biggest support system right now has been my sister "mimi" My kids dad is beyond dead beat! Im kinda seeing someone right now, but things are wierd. Im sure I'll be talking about him soon. Okay so thats about it right now, I'll check in later!