Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Always wear clean underwear!

Okay, so I'm falling off the blog wagon, but there is so much going on now! Monday I took the kids in for thier yearly physical, it was a long long day, my daughters appt was at 11 and my sons at 2pm. So it was like lets go to the park, have lunch, and try to keep a 9 year old clean enough for his doctor, just to kill time. So everything was strangley going great. Kids were in good behavior, first appt went good, and then lunch was okay, and he kept clean, and then it happened. When we left him alone in the room to change into the paper gown, he calls me and says" Hey mom I forgot to wear underwear" I couldnt believe it! I didnt know if I should laugh or cry. He explained that he was just to involved in something else this morning, to put on underwear. It was the most embarassign thing for myself, and he was so cool about it. Like he forgot to turn off a light or somethng! I was stunned! So now I know when things are too going to perfect, there's always a problem that lies underneath....

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