Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jan. 7 continued.

I have a few things to "whine" about already tonight. First, I went to the laundry mat with "mimi" and took both the kids. She could have done laundry at mom's but any excuse to leave the bat cave is worth it. Kid's were totally wild! I was so embarassed! And there were all these young single guys there doing laundry, I knew she wishes she was there alone! Anyways, I been listening to alot of talk radio lately, I guess thats what you're supposed to do when you're 30. There has been alot of talk about Israel and all, and they so this "Joe the plumber" has flown to Israel to cover the hostility for some online internet news. Okay so how to I become instantly famous like this guy. He isn't a licensed plumber and he's not a reporter so how the hell does he get the a job like that and I can't find work for this long! I wish I would have pushed my way through a crowd and spoke to a politician on camera about something I know absolutely nothing about and become instantly famous! I blame McCain, for his party probably was in desperate search for "real" americans, and ran into this bozzo! I love to rant and rave! Okay something else to WHINE about! This Bart officer shooting. I have been going through so many emotions about this. First I thought this guy Oscar Grant was probably being unrully, and all his friends jumped to conclusions. My friend told me he was on a train behind them and that he (my friend) was on a train that had been "smoked out" (everyone was smoking marajuana) I had also heard there was a knife fight and that Bart police were having too many issues with unrully take over passangers. Then I saw the video. This officer was clearly out of line. He just shot him in the back, he did have his hands tied to his back and was not a safety threat. But then today after they laid Oscar to "rest" a day for his family and friends to grieve and reflect on his life, people took to the streets in protest. Shutting down Bart stations, and lighting dumpsters on fire,closing intersections, and laying down in the street. Police had to be called out in riot gear. What type of message does this send to the public? These 20 something year old men in oakland are out causing trouble, to say that the police did wrong. We all know they did, but acting a fool doesnt bring your friend back, insure a guilty plea for the officer, or stop it from happening again. These guys yelling at the riot cops, "shoot me, shoot me" that just makes you look ignorant. The best way to honor your friend and take action and be there for the family and work with investigators to get things taken care of for the family in order to mourn, and adjust to a new life without thier loved one. And one more quick "whine" to the media, I heard a reporter say that everyone's anger is fueled by watching the video over and over again.Well stop playing the damn thing! The mother should make a public announcement asking all media to refrain from playing it, no mother should have to endure witness to this time and time again.

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