Tuesday, January 20, 2009

free friday night on the town!

okay so this has been what seems to be like the longest weekend of my life!
my mother is a huge willie nelson fan. she used to beg my dad to take her, he always seemed to have a concert around thier aniversary, only one time i recalled he took her, right before thier 25th ( i will always remember the party i threw for my brother that weekend) so i remembered my mom saying something about willie not to long after dad died. so right before christmas i won willie nelson tickets on the radio. so of course i had to take mom. even though our relationship has been touch and go lately. so everything was going fine. we took her rental car (since hers was hit not too long ago) crossed the bridge in carpool (free) and then parked at nearby shopping center (free parking) and then picked up our tickets at the box office (free again) then we went in second row seats, how great was the night going, then when the show was over mom made the comment on how happy she was the night had cost her nothing. I joked well lets hope the cars still there, BIG MISTAKE. the car was gone. towed. she broke down (again) and i had to pick her up and convince some girls to give up thier cab (20.00) and go get our car out of impound (370.00) and then around 1am we drove threw mcdonalds for a happy meal (4.00) so that was our free night out on the town!

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